Self-Massage Tips & Techniques for Ultimate Relaxation and Stress Relief: A Comprehensive Guide

Self-Massage Tips & Techniques for Ultimate Relaxation and Stress Relief: A Comprehensive Guide

Massage is more than relaxation, it actually promotes physical and mental wellness. Regular massage can help you prevent from body pains, illness and mental health. More and more are being aware about this that's why some do it as regular as they can. They do a regular schedule on their favorite spa but for some they preferred to do it on their own. Here are some techniques to do self massage.

Foam rolling

This self-massage technique applies pressure to specific part of the body that helps release tension and improve mobility. It also reduces muscle soreness and pain, improves flexibility and range of motion, relieves tension and stress, enhances performance and promotes circulation.


Tennis balls

Like foam rolling, tennis balls targets specific part of your body to relief tension and pain. This technique reduces stress and promotes relaxation. This self massage can be done anytime and anywhere for as long as you bring with you your tennis ball. You can do it while on a bus, train ad even at your working area.


Own hands

What is more convenient than using your own hands in giving yourself the best relaxation? Personalized massage is perfect than any other kind of massage. There's no limit and most specially cost efficient.


Personal massager

If you want a combination of all self massage techniques, you can actually have a personal professional masseur by having a portable massager. It can give you personalized massage, convenience and all the benefits of massages.

Overall, be generous and be kind to yourself. Feel the language of your body and communicate so that you can be more productive and always have that energized and healthy body.



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