Eye Massager

1.Question: How well does this work on migraines?
Answer:Wonderfully, as long as the heat doesn't stop working. Mine stopped after 3 months.
2.Question: Is there any way to have just heat on and no massaging/vibration/music?
Answer: Don’t listen to the people saying you can’t have just the heat. You can. It’s it the manual. You just have to tap the power button until you get to the only heat setting (a voice announces each setting as you change it). You turn the music off by tapping on the music note. Tapping on the note makes the volume louder and louder until around the fifth tap, turns the sound off completely. Just tap it again to turn the sound back on.
3.Question: Can the heat be turned on at any time or does it have to be selected when turning it on?
Answer:The heat is automatically on but you can change the setting at any time.
4.Question: Is this massager good for clearing out dark circles around eyes?
Answer:Our eyes can only help you relieve your dark circles and bags under your eyes, and relax your eyes, but cannot completely remove your dark circles.
5.Question:I got a gift of another eye massager, but it is too loud for the music. Can I turn off music when massaging for this device?
Answer:Yes, you can simply double click the button to turn it off. Very smart design.
6.Question: How can I know when I need to charge or it is charged enough?
Answer:When the eye massager is charging, the blue light indicator flashes. When full, the power indicator will be always on.
7.Question: Does it massage the temples as well?
Answer: Yes, it does massage the temples as well.
8.Question:Is this comfortable for a side sleeper?
Answer:I believe it’s best when you lie on your back. it is the most comfortable position for me.
9.Question:Does it put pressure over or squeeze the eye balls?
Answer:It puts pressure around the eyes. I wear contacts when I use it and I have no issues with it bothering them.
10.Question: Can it be extended by another 15 minutes?
Answer:No, the program of electric eye massager is set to 15 minutes. If you need more time, you can reset it to 15 minutes. Usually fall asleep before or before the 15-minute timer turns off.
1.We do not recommend using the eye massager while charging.
2.If the product cannot be turned on or used when it arrives, it may be out of power. You can use it after fully charged.
3.If the instruction book or charging cable is missing in the box, please feel free to reply to us to get a reissue or return for you free.
4.We do not recommend customers use this eye massager if you have cataracts,eye operation,retina condition etc.
5.Consult a medical professional before using this massager if you are suffering from any form of traumatic brain injury, mental impairments, macular degeneration such as glaucoma, retinoschisis or other serious eye diseases, if you are pregnant or recently gave birth, or suffer from diabetes, sensory impairment, phlebitis, thrombosis, joint dysfunction, inflammation, injuries, and osteoporosis. Those with any serious physical conditions including those using a pacemaker or suffering cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders should also consult with their medical professional before beginning use.
6.Children should use this massager only with parental consent and monitoring. Not suggested for very young children.
7.This massager features heat compression. People with heat/cold sensation disorder should use this device with caution.
8.Do not use while operating machinery, vehicles or other mechanical devices.
9.Contact lens wearers: We suggest removing contact lenses before use.
10.Avoid use during excessively high indoor or outdoor temperatures and humidity.
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