10 LED Solar Lights


1)Please confirm the switch is under "on" status so that the light could be charged normally and auto lights on at night. (Cover the solar panel in the daytime or go to the dark environment for testing.)
2)It is normal that outdoor solar lights may need more time (at least 6-8 hours) to charge in cold or cloudy weather day because solar products are very weather sensitive.
3)The solar light will not work when it is illuminated by other lamps. Please make sure there is no other direct light when using solar light.


Lights do not work. What should I do?
Please make sure the lights are being placed under DIRECT sunlight without any obstructions from the trees or any shades.
-Make sure they are getting plenty of sunlight during the day.
-Please know that these lights are very dependent on the sunlight. So if the weather is inconsistent – raining, snowing, cloudy – these may affect the performance of the light.
-Try to clean the solar panel as the dirt might also prevent solar charging.
-Check if there is any other light close to the Solar Spotlight since there is a sensor built into the panel, when there is light too close to Solar Spotlight, it won't turn on.
Can I charge these lights on cloudy days?
The charging process could be slower if it is cloudy. Make sure to place the units in an area where the panels are getting full sunlight not spotty.
Are we ever supposed to turn the lights off for any reason? Or do we leave them on all the time?
Leave them on as they will automatically turn off when it’s bright enough outside.
Do these lights need direct sunlight to charge?
It is recommended to charge the spotlight under direct sunlight for 1-2 days before using it to make sure the spotlight has enough power.
How can I adjust the brightness?
Press the power button once then the spotlight will change to the Low Light mode.
Press the power button twice then the spotlight will change to the High Light mode.
Do these turn on by themselves when it gets dark?
Yes, once the sunlight hits the solar panel, it goes off. When it gets dark the light will come on automatically. Battery inside the lights are charged by the sunlight which keeps them Illuminated at night.
What is the  battery type we are using for our solar spotlights?
Name of battery :Cylindrical Li-ion
Type /Model :LIR 18650
Physical shape: Cylindrical
Question: The light isn't working under dark place, is that defective?
Answer: Leave the solar panel under direct sunlight to be charged for at least 8 hours (much better if they will be charged the whole day) and then test it again. 
There is a button on the underside of the panel to turn them on. Push once for low and twice for high (Please do this at night or in the dark after charging the unit)
Note that the charging process could be slower if it is cloudy. Make sure to place the units in an area where the panels are getting full sunlight not spotty.
Question: If the spotlight is not turning on automatically at night. 
Answer: Check if there is any other light that is too close to the Solar Spotlight, since there is a sensor built into the panel, when other lights are too close, it won't turn on. Make sure the lights are placed with at least 3 or 5 feet distance apart.
Question: Do these lights have replaceable batteries?
Answer: Yes, it is replaceable. However, we don’t recommend removing and replacing the battery as it may damage the cover causing water to leak inside the solar panel.
Question: Are these plastic or metal or both?
Answer: The outdoor solar light is made of plastic.
Question: What is the battery capacity of this solar light?
Answer: The battery capacity is 2200mAh which can store more power and stay longer.
Question: Is the lamp head adjustable? How about the solar panel?
Answer: Yes, the lamp head can be adjusted up to 90 degrees vertical, and180 degrees vertical for the solar panel.
Question: Does it also function on rain or snowy day?
Answer: The solar light can withstand all extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow, frost. 
Question: How do you install solar light?
Answer: This solar light is very easy to install. Just stick into the ground or use the included screws to mount on the wall.
Question: How long this solar light can work when it is fully charged?
Answer: This solar light has two brightness light mode. In low light, the mode can last up to 16 hours while in the high light mode it can last up to 8 hours.
Question: Could these work for outdoor Christmas lights?
Answer: Yes, it can. It is mainly used for highlighting landscapes, plants, trees, or even the pool. It’s a great accent to your garden landscape, patio, or backyard.
Question: What is the purpose of the button and where is it located?
Answer: The switch button is located under the solar panel. It is to turn on/off the light and set the light mode – high or low/dim. Press once for dim mode and twice for high mode. Press again, to turn off the light.
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