Flat Foot Massager

1. Why is the unit not turning on?
Please check if the main power switch which is located at the top underside of the massager is turned on before pressing the selector/heat button on the front.
Note that sometimes customer don't notice the power switch and they just keep pressing the large button on the bottom side. Switch should be on first.
NOTE: This massager has 2 buttons to operate.
2. I can barely feel the heat. Is it defective?
Please know that this massager is designed with infrared heat only. This means it only gives off very mild heat for safety purposes. It is also noticeable within 5-10 minutes of use. Ask the customer if he can try to use the massager for this long and still doesn't feel any hint of heat or warmth. If not, ask the customer to return (if the order is new) for a replacement.
3. Up to what size does this massager can accommodate?
The largest size this massager can accommodate is up to 12 inches long
4. Will it work 220-240v?
No, it only works with 120v
5. Can I stand on the massager?
No, it is not advisable to stand on the massager as it can damage the motor inside that may lead to product malfunction.
6. For how long should I use the massager?
We recommend to only use the massager for as long as 20 minutes at a time to avoid overusing the product and causing you pain. This massager is designed for deep massage and using it for too long may be painful.
7. Are there any restrictions on using the massager with medical conditions?
If you have health conditions, it is always best to consult your doctor first before using the product to know whether it is safe to use it or not.
8. It's painful to use the massager.
Please try to use a towel or cloth in between your body and the massager to lessen the pressure.
9. The mesh fabric is wearing off or tearing off
Ask for a picture. If the issue is confirmed and if they are still under 18 months warranty, send a REPLACEMENT.
10. The power adapter is misplaced, lost or damaged
This issue is not covered by our warranty so we normally don't send a replacement. But if they are still under warranty, we can just process a replacement if it's only the adapter.
If they are outside the warranty, you can give them the specs and the link to buy:
12V 2A AC to DC Power Supply Adapter, 5.5mmx2.1mm
11) Heat is not working.
Please ask the customer to check if he/she pressed the correct button for heat.
Please check if the infrared light on the massage balls is working. If it is glowing then the heat should also work.
12) Customer cannot feel the warmness or heat even the infrared lights on the massage balls are working
Please explain to the customer that it may take 5-10 mins to feel the heat from the infrared light. If their heat tolerance is high, they may feel that it is still not enough so we suggest that they wait further and AVOID wearing thick clothes while using the massager. Thick clothes will hinder the warmness from the infrared light.
Infrared light product WARM heat only LIGHT heat for safety reason as some skins are more sensitive to heat. Heat function or intensity cannot be adjusted.


How to use it?
1. Power on the unit by turning on the Power switch.
2. Press the Mode selection button to select massage mode and start foot massage, the indicator will light blue. Carefully put your feet on the footpads.
3. Press the Mode selection button again to activate the heat function if you need, the indicator will light red. The red light on the foot area will automatically turn off after about 20 minutes of operation. (This is due to the over-heating protection built-in on the device. But it will automatically turn on when the temperature cools down. )
4. Press the Mode selection button the third time to stop using the unit.
5. Turn off the power switch to switch off the appliance completely
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