Relaxation On-The-Go: Why You Need a Portable Electric Massage and How to Choose the Best One for You

Relaxation On-The-Go: Why You Need a Portable Electric Massage and How to Choose the Best One for You


When your work is finally done, you always looking foward to arrive in your home, have your dinner, take a warm shower and finally lie in your bed and experience your favorite portable massage until you fell asleep. The great combination of relaxation and convenience makes you really want to own a portable massager. It does not only relieve your body pain and get rid of your daily stress but it is more in terms of budget it is cheaper that going to spa where you cannot even fall asleep right after you have your massage.


3 ways to give you relaxing massage

1. Kneading - This is one of the massage techniques where there is pressure applied. The force is being applied all throughout the muscle to tigthen the muscle, reallign muscle fibres, increases flexibility and aid muscle pain.

2. Tapping - This massage technique includes pounding and striking actions or referred as percussion massage. It has benefits for a healing person. It destroys harmful bacterias from the muscles and tissues. It also prevents contractions of the muscle.

3. Percussion - This is the most in demand massage technique because of its wonderful benefits. Generally, it allows your muscle to move easily and efficiently. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes your muscle.


Heat Function

Warm or thermotheraphy is perfect for the areas of the body that feels pain. Aside from the heat that gives body relaxation it gives treatment for stiffness and cramping. The warmth of the massager alleviates the pain that you are experiencing, it increases blood flow while it releases toxins from your body. In just one electric portable massager, you will be able to experience several kinds of massage techniques.

A personalized massage that provides your daily massage needs depends on what you are needing.

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