Who Needs a Massage? Discover the Surprising Benefits for Your Health and Wellness

Who Needs a Massage? Discover the Surprising Benefits for Your Health and Wellness


Survey says that since pandemic, there are more males are having their massage compared to females. Nevertheless, massage are beneficial no matter what gender you are, and it does not provide mere relaxation but some health benefits as well. Massage theraphy has been known to be stress reliever, it helps reduce muscle pains and even anxiety. Aside from that, more professions have been advised to do regular massage while practicing their line of expertise.

Massage for Athletes

A regular profession needs a massage atleast once a week. But those profession who needs extreme body endurance needs a more regular schedule massage. Before an athlete plays their main game, they undergo long frequent physical trainings to make them not just mentally but more on physically prepared. They need to equip their bodies to become more effective player and hit the goal all the time. Massage is advsied to athletes before and after their training. This is part of the preparation for possible muscle fatigue. Massage will also help them prevents from cramping while it also increases flexibility and improves endurance. This will condition their body to be able to perform effectively with low risk of injury.


Massage for dancers

Dancing is one of the profession that requires a lot of body movements. Like the athletes, they are advised to have their massage prior to their final performace or in the middle of their rehearsals as part of their preparation. This will loosen their muscles and joints, and when combined with heat massage the temperature will improve their blood circulation. This will help them increase their agility and flexibility.


As explained, massage in general are not cure but it is used as a prevention for possible muscle cramps. It is also part of the preparation for those profession that needs physical movements, it will reduce pains since the muscles has been already prepared.

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