Foot Massager with Air Compression

1. Is the input 100v-240v?
Yes, input AC100-240V ~50/60HZ
2. Does it fit men’s size 14?
The Massager Only Fit Up to 11 Shoe Size
3. Does this knead the sides and tops of feet? or just bottoms?
The unit has massaging rollers and heat for the bottom of the foot. In other modes, it has to massage at the bottom and compression that cover the top and sides of the foot to a certain degree.
4. The temperature of the heating device is not high enough.
Slowly heating is safer to care for your feet. You can try to change a pair of thinner socks, or just go barefoot to enjoy it, which will make you feel the heat faster.
5. The high setting of air compression is too strong and very uncomfortable, It is painful and uncomfortable to use
This massage is designed to deep massage and may be painful for those who are not used to it. Because of this, we recommend your put on thick socks for a better experience of the product.
6. How to take out the fabric to wash?
There is a zipper in each massage room, you could remove the cloth through the zipper to wash.
7. Does this run on batteries?
No batteries it has a power cord you plugin.
8. Are replacement detachable cloth covers available for purchase?
Sorry, the detachable cloth covers are not sold separately. If you have the problems with them, you could contact us, we will do our best to help you.
9. How long, in foot and inches, is the power cord?
The length of the power cord is 152cm(60inch).
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