NM01 Neck Massager -NK-MP-BL-UPC - B01BZOKLOO


My massager is not working or turning on

  • Try to plug the unit to another working outlet (multiple outlets if possible)
  • Ask the customer if the light indicator on the AC adapter lights up or not (if it lights up, massager is possibly defective. If it doesn't light up, AC adapter is possibly defective)
  • Please make sure that the power cord is properly seated or firmly inserted to the unit's power port, sometimes loose connection can also cause the issue.
  • To confirm this, ask to try the car adapter. If it works, then send a replacement AC wall adapter. If it still doesn't work, ask for a video recording showing the issue (if possible especially for new orders)

Is it cordless?

  • This neck massager is NOT cordless.

How you know when the neck massager is ready when you charge?

  • Please know this massager is not rechargeable. You can only use it while it is plugged in.

Are the three colors of neck massagers same in shape and size and function?

  • Yes, they have the same functions and design just different in color.

How long the warranty is?

  • 1 year warranty and life-time support from Nekteck.

Are the arm straps adjustable?

  • No. The arm straps are not adjustable.

Can you turn off heat function? ( massage without heat)?

  • Yes you may! There is a separate button for the heat and you can switch if off if you don't want to use this feature.

Does it come with a bag for storage?

  • No. This massager doesn't come with a bag.

Power adaptor broke. How can I get a new one?

  • If you believe that the product is already outside the warranty period,you may purchase an AC adapter with this specs:12v 2a

Heat is not working?

Please ask the customer to check if he/she pressed the correct button for heat.
Please check if the infrared light on the massage balls is working. If it is glowing then the heat should also work.

Customer cannot feel the warmness or heat even the infrared lights on the massage balls are working

Please explain to the customer that it may take 5-10 mins to feel the heat from the infrared light. If their heat tolerance is high, they may feel that it is still not enough so we suggest that they wait further and AVOID wearing thick clothes while using the massager. Thick clothes will hinder the warmness from the infrared light.
Infrared light product WARM heat only LIGHT heat for safety reason as some skins are more sensitive to heat. Heat function or intensity cannot be adjusted.
Troubleshooting steps
  • This neck massager is automatic transfer clockwise and counterclockwise (1 minute).
  • The heat CANNOT be turned on when the massage function is not on.
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