Shiatsu Foot Massager with Handle

1. Is this noisy - what kind e.g low whine or clicks? can it be used while watching tv without increase tv volume up too much? annoying to others a lot?
It's relative - if you're using it in an otherwise quiet environment, you will hear it,  it's not particularly noisy or unpleasant,if using it in a room where there's already some ambient noise (like my air conditioner, or the TV), actually don't really notice it at all.
2. Does this work for a size 13 man's foot?
   Fit to Size 12 man’s foot
3. How to take out the fabric to wash?
There is a zipper in each massage room, you could remove the cloth through the zipper to wash.
4. Does this run on batteries?
No batteries it has a power cord you plugin.
5. Can you adjust the speed of the rollers?
 Not the speed but you can adjust the intensity and also the air pressure around the feet
6. Does this work with 220V input?
   The adapter input is 100-240VAC, the output is 12V 2.5A.
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